Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed


Brigitte Fitzgerald is fighting the effects of the lycanthropy that transformed her sister into a werewolf. While hiding in a rehab clinic, she must try to find a cure for her blood lust before the next full moon.

Exorcist: The Beginning


Exorcist: The Beginning follows the the crisis of faith suffered by Father Lankester Merrin shortly after the horrific events of World War II. A young Father Merrin travels to East Africa where he first encounters and battles the demon Pazuzu. The same demon that he will fight many years later to save the soul of Regan MacNeil’s soul in the original The Exorcist.

Dawn of The Dead (2004 Remake)


A small group of people are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse by taking refuge inside a mega-mall in the Midwest.

Wrong Turn


A group of six people find themselves trapped in the deep woods of West Virginia. But surviving the wilderness is the least of the worries as they are hunted by cannibalistic mountain men.



For generations, a secret war has raged between the Vampires and Lycans. And for over 600 years, Selene has hunted the werewolves as a Death Dealer. Caught in the middle of a battle, local doctor Michael Corvin is dragged into the underworld war and with Selene, changes everything.

Resident Evil

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Underneath Raccoon City is Umbrella Corporations genetic research facility, the Hive. After a genetically engineered virus is stolen, the theif, contaminates the Hive, infecting hundreds of scientists. That’s when a special military unit sent in to investigate and reopen the facility. Unfortunately, the facility’s artificial intelligence, the Red Queen, has her own protocol to follow.

Ghost Ship


Forty years after it disappeared, a salvage crew discovers an Italian ocean liner floating lifeless in a remote region of the Bering Sea. After failing to fix the ship, they soon discover why the ship is empty.