The Unclean is a vast, long standing directory of horror books, games, movies and shows. Since April of 2006, this website has undergone many transformations and was once left to die. But now, in 2014, The Unclean has risen from the a cold grave. With renewed and long standing resources, a lifelong passion for the horror genre and most time. Each day I will be adding a few items to the horror directories for books, games, movies and shows. And once per week, a Sunday Edition of horror related news to help keep fans informed.

My name is Eric Arcana, and I am a horror fan. Welcome to my dark playground. Welcome to The Unclean.

Update: February 27th, 2014
Beta relaunch begins March 3rd! The Unclean is now using a custom WordPress theme I built just for her. It is a variant of ‘Arcana Structure’, a theme I built using JointsWP and Foundation 5.

Update: February 27th, 2010
I have redesigned the site once again. This time I developed a powerful set of functions to eliminate many of the plugins I had previously used and to speed up the delivery of content.

Update: August 7th, 2009
I am now using a customized version of Cellar Heat by Evan Eckard, released on Smashing Magazine; great place for designers and inspiration. I have updated the comments for threading, removed some of the design elements that didn’t quite fit and added others. I have also migrated and customized functions to fit my needs.

Update: April 3rd, 2007
The Unclean was rebuilt using the Open Source blogging platform, WordPress. I have used it for a while now and decided the flexibility of design and functions will suit me well here for this website. The theme being used is a customized version of Green River by JTK Consulting. I have modified the design and added some functions to allow it to operated like a gallery in certain categories and a directory in others.